PsyphaRilla KashBay is a Ghanaian based HipHop/HipLife movement which emerged in 2009 on the basis of giving quality entertainment/edutainment, a record label focused on HipHop/HipLife music and Urban music.
Current acts include: Kobby Major, KUULboi XO, Kwesi Bonyo, Swalaman(among others yet to be announced)
Our clothing line “psypha 360” was launched on the streets of Takoradi in 2009 but is currently under construction for a relaunch and looking forward to signing on fashion models as well.
“Psypharilla” a word created by merging of two words “cypher”(complete)and “guerilla”(freedom fighter) meaning a complete freedom fighter of the mind. As a Psypharilla, we believe music is a tool that has the powerful force to help shape our African/Ghanaian identity worldwide.
We are a full service organization, supporting our diverse list of talents through artist management, music publishing, production, strategic brand development and beyond.

Parent camp – Psypharilla
Founded – 2009
Founders – Dennis Beesley Tandoh, Jeffery Sampson, Charles Entsua-Mensah & Benjamin Annoo.
Crew Manager – Ato Kwamina Asankomah(Ato Primo)
Distributors – CD Run, BigtimesGH
Genre – HipHop/HipLife, Various genres
Country of origin – Ghana
Location – Takoradi, Western Region.